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Academic Research Skills (20 Credits) FT2ACR Module
Adaptations across Stage and Screen FT3AD Module
Advanced Practical Project: Film/TV FT3APF Module
Advanced Practical Project: Theatre FT3APT Module
Analysing Theatre and Performance FT1ATP Module
Approaches to Film FT1ATF Module
Approaches to Television FT1ATT Module
Cinema, Spectacle and Technology FT3CST Module
Cities on Screen FT3CAS Module
Comedy on Stage and Screen FT1CSS Module
Community and Collaborative Practice FT2CCP Module
Contemporary Documentary FT3CD Module
Contemporary Theatre and Performance Practices FTMCTP Module
Creative Screen Practice FT2CSP Module
Devising Performance: Politics and Citizenship FT1DP Module
Dissertation FT3DISS Module
Dissertation FT3JDFA Module
Dissertation or Practical Project FTMDPP Module
Dissertation or Theatre Practice FTMDTP Module
English for Arts and Communication Design FT1EN Module
Ensemble Practice FT3EP Module
Exploring Location FT2EL Module
Exploring Screen Practices FTMESP Module
Exploring the Studio FT1ES Module
Extended Essay FT2EE Module
Film Forms and Cultures FT2FFC Module
Film Practice or Dissertation FTMFPD Module
Film Programming and Film Festivals FTMFF Module
Identity, Agency, Advocacy FT3IAA Module
Identity, Performance and Culture FT2IPC Module
Introduction to Filmmaking FT1ITF Module
Performance & Design: Site, Scenography and Installation FT3PD Module
Performance Skills: Acting and Directing FT2PS Module
Placements and Employment Skills (Ten Credits) FT2PE10 Module
Placements and Employment Skills (Twenty Credits) FT2PE20 Module
Practice as Research Project FT3PAR Module
Professional Placement Year FT2PPY Module
Screen Storytelling and Criticism FT2SSC Module
Screen Storytelling and Criticism B FT2SSCB Module
Staging Texts: Playwriting, Design and Performance FT1STP Module
Study Abroad 1 FT2SA1 Module
Study Abroad 2 FT2SA2 Module
Study Abroad 3 FT2SA3 Module
Study Abroad 4 FT2SA4 Module
Television and Contemporary Culture FT2TCC Module
Television Industries FT3TI Module
Theatre Programming and Theatre Festivals FTMTF Module
Three Films FT3THF Module
TV Studio Production FT1TSP Module
Videographic Criticism FT3VC Module
Wildlife Documentary: Ecology and Representation (MODOUT only module) FT2WD Module
Work Placements and Pathways (Twenty Credits) FTMPL20 Module
Work Placements and Profiles (20) FT3PL20 Module
World Cinema: Creative Peaks FTMWCC Module
World Cinema: Creative Peaks FT3WCC Module

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Work Placements and Pathways Reading List Spring Term 2022 29/06/2021 18:17:25