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Advanced Visualisation and Interactive Technologies CEM242 Module
An Introduction to Project Management CEM201 Module
Analysing Construction Processes CEM244 Module
Architectural Design CE2ADE Module
Architectural Design 2 CE3ADE Module
BEng research method-Dissertation CE3BED Module
Building Environment Systems CE2BES1 Module
Building Information Modelling CEM225 Module
Building Pathology CE2CBP Module
Building Services 1: Fundamentals CE1BSF Module
Building Services 2: Fundamentals CE2BSF Module
Building Simulation CEM222 Module
Building Surveying Projects CE3CBP Module
Building technology CE2CBT1 Module
Business of Construction CEM102 Module
Business of Construction B CEM12B Module
Business Organisation and Management CE3CBM Module
Carbon Management CEM224 Module
Career Development CE3CCX Module
Collaboration, Practice and Innovation CEM110 Module
Collaboration, Practice and Innovation B CEM11B Module
Commercial Surveying Practices and Advanced Building Pathology CE3CSP Module
Construction Contract Law CEM206 Module
Construction Contract Law CE2CCL2 Module
Construction Contract Management CE3CCM Module
Construction Cost Engineering CEM238 Module
Construction Cost Management: Principles and Practice CEM104 Module
Construction Cost Management: Principles and Practice B CEM14B Module
Construction Economics CEM228 Module
Construction Economics CE2CCE Module
Construction Live Project CE3CLP Module
Construction Management Project CE3CPM Module
Construction Procurement CE2CPT Module
Construction Project Management CEM202 Module
Construction Science CE1CCS Module
Construction Sector Transition CEM217 Module
Construction Site Engineering CE1CSE Module
Construction Statutory Law CE2CSL Module
Construction Technology CE1CCT Module
Construction Year in Industry CE3YIN Module
Design Management CEM230 Module
Design Project 1 CE1DPR Module
Design Project 2 CE2DPR Module
Design Project 3 CE3DPR Module
Digital Technology Use in Construction CE3CDT Module
Dissertation CE3CCD Module
Dummy Module CE2CCX Module
Empirical Studies CE1CES Module
Energy and the Environment CEM241 Module
Energy in Buildings CEM221 Module
Energy Research Dissertation CEM19B Module
Engineering Mathematics 1 CE1EMA Module
Engineering Mathematics 2 CE2EMA Module
Engineering Project Management CEM235 Module
Environmental Management and Assessment CE3EMA Module
Fluids Mechanics: theory and application CE2FMT Module
Green Innovation in Construction CE3GIC Module
Health and Safety Management and Culture in Construction CE3CHS Module
Heating Ventilation and air conditioning design CE3HVA Module
Historic Built Environment CE3HBE Module
History of the built environment: space, design, and technology CE1HBE Module
Human Resource Management CEM205 Module
Human Resource Management in Construction CE3HRM Module
ICT and Energy Management CEM226 Module
Inclusive Environments CE3CIE Module
Information and Communication CE1CIC2 Module
Infrastructure Development CEM215 Module
International Construction CEM204 Module
International Construction CE3CIC Module
International Construction Labour CEM216 Module
International Development in Construction CEM150 Module
International Development in Construction B CEM15B Module
Introduction to Quantification and Computerised Taking Off CE2QCT Module
Life Cycle Assessment CEM319 Module
Management in the Built Environment CE2CMB Module
Management of Construction Projects CE3CME Module
Managing Construction CEM209 Module
Materials and structural analysis CE1MSA Module
New Technology, Management and Change CEM243 Module
Numerical modelling and programming CE2NMP Module
Numerical modelling and programming 1 CE1NMP Module
People, Information and Technology CEM210 Module
Principles and Practice of Project Management B CEM13B Module
Principles of Management CE1CMP Module
Project BEM CE3CPE Module
Project Management: Principles and Practice CEM103 Module
Project QS CE3CPQ Module
Projects CE2CPR Module
Projects CE1CPR Module
Quantification and Costing CE3CQC Module
Real Estate Development: Appraisal and Analysis CEM335 Module
Renewable Energy Systems CEM160 Module
Renewable Energy Systems A CEM16A Module
Renewable Energy Systems B CEM16B Module
Research Dissertation CEM10B Module
Research Skills CE2CRS Module
Research Skills CEM10A Module
Statistical analysis 1 CE2STS Module
Statistical analysis 2 CE3STS Module
Strategic Management CEM302 Module
Sustainability CE3CS1 Module
Sustainable Design and Management Principles and Practice CEM107 Module
Sustainable Design and Management Principles and Practice B CEM17B Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer CE1THT Module
Urban Energy Systems CEM233 Module
Urban Microclimates CEM223 Module
Urban Sustainability CEM220 Module

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