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Advanced Analytical Techniques for Inorganic Structure Determination CH3AN2 Module
Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Molecular Sciences CH4AN1 Module
Advanced Chemistry Practical Training CH3PRAC Module
Advanced Laboratory Skills CH3PRA Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry - Contemporary Synthetic Methodology CH3O2 Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets CH3O1 Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets (2) CH4O1 Module
Advanced Organic Synthesis - Oligosaccharides and Natural Products CH4O4 Module
Advanced Techniques in Physical Chemistry CH4P3 Module
Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 1 CH3P1 Module
Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 2 CH3P2 Module
Analytical Chemistry CH2AN3 Module
Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry CH4P2 Module
BSc Chemistry Education Project CH3PRE Module
BSc Chemistry Project CH3PR Module
BSc Industrial Placement CH3PIN Module
Catalysis CH4I2 Module
Chemical Concepts and Skills 1 CH1CC2 Module
Chemical Concepts and Skills 2 CH2CC2 Module
Chemistry CH0CHE Module
Chemistry in Industry and Professional Skills CH4SK Module
Chemistry M CH1M Module
Clusters, Extended Arrays and Solid-State Chemistry CH3I2 Module
Cold Cases in the Forensics Literature CH4FA Module
Current Topics in Chemical Research CH4CR Module
d and f block chemistry CH3I1 Module
Diploma Chemistry Research Project CHMPRD Module
English Language for Chemists CH3ENG Module
Environmental Chemistry 2 CH2E2 Module
Extended Laboratory Skills for Chemists CH2PRAC Module
Forensic Analysis 1 CH2FA Module
Forensic Analysis 2 CH3FA3 Module
Functional Inorganic Materials CH4I3 Module
Fundamental Concepts in Chemistry 1 CH1FC1 Module
Fundamentals of Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table CH1IN1 Module
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry CH1OR2 Module
Further Fundamental Organic Chemistry for Biologists CH1OR4 Module
Further Inorganic Chemistry CH2IN1 Module
Further Organic Chemistry CH2OR1 Module
Further Physical Chemistry CH2PH1 Module
Health and Safety and Professional Skills CH3NUI Module
Information Systems CH0IS Module
Information Systems CH0IJ Module
Information Systems and Statistics CH0ISS Module
Information Systems and Statistics CH0ISSXXX Module
Information Systems and Statistics (January Entry) CH0ISJ Module
Information Technology and Statistics CH0CSTXXX Module
Introduction to Chemistry Research and Practice CH3CRP Module
Laboratory Skills for Chemists CH1PRA Module
Mathematics M2 CH1M2 Module
MChem Chemistry Project CH4PR Module
MChem European Placement CH3EU Module
MChem Industrial Placement CH3IND Module
Medicinal Chemistry CH4MC Module
Medicinal Chemistry 2 for Chemists CH2MC2 Module
Molecular Studies for the Life Sciences CH1FC3 Module
MSc Chemistry Research Project CHMPRM Module
PC Class CH1IN1PCXXX Module
Physical Processes and Molecular Organisation CH1PH1 Module
Physical Processes for Biologists CH1PH2 Module
Placement Distance Learning CH3DL Module
Polymer Chemistry CH4PC Module
Postgraduate Chemistry Research Methods and Skills CHMRMS Module
Research Project CH3PRJ Module
Shape, Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry CH1OR1 Module
Statistics CH0STJ Module
Statistics CH0STA Module
X-ray Techniques and Databases in Analytical Chemistry CH3AN1 Module

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