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Advanced Flavour Chemistry FB3FLV Module
Advanced Food Chemistry FB3AFC Module
Advanced Food Quality and Safety FB3AQS Module
Advanced Food Quality and Sensory FB3QSF Module
Advanced Food Quality, Safety and Sensory FB3AFQ Module
Agriculture and Society FZMR31 Module
Applied Food Quality and Safety FBMAQS Module
Applied Food Quality and Safety FBMAFQ Module
Applied Sensory and Flavour Science FBMSFS Module
Biology and Epidemiology of Plant Pathogens FZMR26 Module
Brewing Raw Materials and Wort Production FZMR40 Module
Chemistry of Food Components FB2C10 Module
Climate Change FZMR32 Module
Clinical Nutrition FBMCLN Module
Composition and Properties of Foods FB2CPF Module
Composition and Properties of Foods FB2C20 Module
Composition, Properties and Analysis of Foods FB2C30 Module
Consumer Attitudes to Food Quality FB3GSA Module
Consumer Studies and Market Research FZMR38 Module
Diet, Food & The Nation's Health FZMR20 Module
Document of Personal Learning FZMDPL Module
Emerging Technologies Business Case Study FBMETB Module
English for Science FB2CAL Module
Evaluating Environmental Sustainability FZMR22 Module
Evidence of personal learning FZMEPL Module
Exercise and Performance-based Nutrition FB2EPN Module
Farm to Fork FB1AG2 Module
Fermentation and Yeast Handling FZMR41 Module
Flavour: From Farm to Fork & Beyond - workshop FZMR56W Module
Flavour: From Farm to Fork and Beyond FZMR06 Module
Food and Nutritional Chemistry: a Practical Approach FB1BOB Module
Food Business Operations Management FZMR23 Module
Food Challenges for the Future: Production, Security and Health FB1FD1 Module
Food Chemistry and Perception FB3FCP Module
Food Chemistry: Structure, Flavour and Colour FBMC20 Module
Food Choice FB2FC Module
Food Choice and Regulation FB2FC1 Module
Food Composition and Quality FBMC10 Module
Food Control Management FBMFCM Module
Food Manufacturing Principles FB2FMP Module
Food Materials Science FZMR39 Module
Food Microbiology FB1MIC Module
Food Microbiology FB1MF1 Module
Food Processing FB2EFP Module
Food Processing A FB2EFA Module
Food Processing and Quality Assurance FB2PQA Module
Food Product Development FZMR37 Module
Food Product Development FB3FPD Module
Food Product Reformulation FBMPRE Module
Food Quality and Sensory Science FB2FQS Module
Food Risk Analysis FBMFRA Module
Food Spoilage, Preservation and Hazards FB2FM2 Module
Food System Challenges FB1FSC Module
Foodomics and Risk Analysis FBMFOR Module
Fundamental Biochemistry in Food and Nutrition FB1BFN Module
Genetics and Genomics FZMR36 Module
Gut Microbiota and Health FB3GUT Module
Industrial Training Preparation FB2PYA Module
Industrial Training Year FB2PYB Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Food System FBMEFS Module
International Food Law - The Basics FZMR13 Module
Introduction to Food Processing and Engineering FB1EP2 Module
Introduction to Food Systems FBMSYS Module
Introduction to Human Physiology and Nutrition FB1PN Module
Introduction to Sustainable Food Manufacturing FB1SFM Module
Issues in Food Choice FB2IFC Module
Keeping the Customer Informed FZMR11 Module
Leadership and People Management FZMR25 Module
Lifestyle, Nutrigenetics and Personalised Nutrition FBMLNP Module
Lifestyle, Nutrigenetics and Personalised Nutrition FB3LNP Module
Lifestyle, Nutrigenetics and Personalised Nutrition FB3LNPA Module
Lifestyle, Nutrigenetics, and Personalised Nutrition FB3LNN Module
Management of Food Product Development FZMR24 Module
Meat Science and Meat Quality FZMR29 Module
Microbes in Health and Disease FBMMHD Module
Microbes, Food Safety and Health FBMMSH Module
Microbiological Hazards in Foods FB2MF2 Module
Microbiology of Food Spoilage and Preservation FB2MF1 Module
New Product Development FB3NPD Module
Nutrition Communication FB3COM Module
Nutrition Communication and Professional Practice FBMNCP Module
Nutrition Concepts FBMNUT Module
Nutrition for Research and Practice FB2NRP Module
Nutrition in Health and Disease FB3NDH Module
Nutrition in the Management and Prevention of Disease FB3NMP Module
Nutrition Policy and Professional Conduct FB2NPP Module
Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology FB1NBP Module
Nutritional Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment FB2NED Module
Nutritional Epidemiology?and Public Health FB2NEP Module
Nutritional Science FB2NS Module
Placement Year FB2PLY Module
Plant Breeding FZMR35 Module
Portfolio of Personal Learning FZMPPL Module
Portfolio of Professional Practice of Research FZMPPR Module
Postgraduate Project FBMEPR Module
Process Engineering Principles FB2EPR Module
Public Health Nutrition FB2PUB2 Module
Public Health Nutrition and Consumer Food Choice FBMPUC Module
Public Health Nutrition and Consumer Food Choice FBMPUB Module
Research Methods and Project Management FZMR05 Module
Research Project FBMFPR Module
Research Project FB3PFB Module
Research Skills and Professional Development FBMRSD Module
Research Skills and Project FBMRSP Module
Resource Capture by Crops FZMR28 Module
Science and Food Technology Education Project FB3PFE Module
Securing a Job: Recruitability and Employability Skills FB2JOB Module
Sensory and Consumer Science FB2SCS Module
Sensory Science FBMSSC Module
Soil Management FZMR33 Module
Sports and Exercise Nutrition FB2SEN Module
Statement of personal learning FZMSPL Module
Statistics and Experimental Design for Bioscientists FZMR27 Module
Study Abroad Placement at Aarhus University FBMSAA Module
Study Abroad Placement at Autonomous University of Madrid FBMSAM Module
Study Abroad Placement at Lund University FBMSAL Module
Study Abroad Placement at University of Hohenheim FBMSAH Module
Study Abroad Placement at University of Turin FBMSAT Module
Sustainable Food Manufacturing and Process Design FBMMPD Module
Sustainable Food Processing FB3SFP Module
Sustainable Food Systems FB3SFS Module
Sustaining Crop Quality (workshop) FZCR59W Module
Taints and Off-odours: Industrial Challenges FBMTOO Module
UK Food Law - The Basics FZMR12 Module
UK Food Law: The Basics - CPD FZCR62 Module
Understanding & implementing european union food law - CPD FZCR60 Module
Understanding and Implementing EU Food Law FZMR10 Module
Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviour FZMR04 Module
Understanding and Influencing Consumer Behaviour FBMUCB Module
Water and Agriculture FZMR34 Module
Work-based Research Project FZMRP1 Module
Work-based Research Project: Doctorate FZDRP1 Module

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