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Accounting and Finance Project MMM049 Module
Accounting Information Systems ACM005 Module
Accounting work placement 1 AC209 Module
Accounting Work Placement 2 AC212 Module
Accounting Work Placement 3 AC309 Module
Advanced Business Finance AC303 Module
Advanced international financial reporting AC312 Module
Advanced Management Accounting AC302 Module
An Introduction to the Management of Information Systems MM258 Module
Architecture Leadership INMR84 Module
Assurance, Governance and Ethics AC102 Module
Audit and assurance AC205 Module
Big Data in Business INMR89 Module
Building Value: Financial and Management Accounting Principles MFM001 Module
Business Analysis AC314 Module
Business Architecture INMR85 Module
Business Data Analytics INMR95 Module
Business Domain and Requirements Analysis INMR66 Module
Business Finance AC203 Module
Business Finance MMM041 Module
Business Informatics INMR91 Module
Business Intelligence and Data Mining INMR77 Module
Business Planning: Tax AC307 Module
Business Strategy for Accountants AC306 Module
Business Technology Consulting INMR86 Module
Cases in Financial Management and Control MMM054 Module
Consulting Project INMR83 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting AC315 Module
Contemporary issues in accounting AC308 Module
Corporate Finance Elective MWM022 Module
Corporate Governance and Ethics ACM001 Module
Digital Health and Data Analytics INMR96 Module
Digital Innovation INMR93 Module
Digital Leadership INMR94 Module
Dissertation MMM090 Module
Enterprise Systems INMR88 Module
Financial Accounting AC206 Module
Financial accounting and reporting AC305 Module
Financial Management MMM031 Module
Financial Management AC311 Module
Financial Management MWM003 Module
Financial Reporting and Regulation ACM002 Module
Further Management Accounting AC220 Module
Informatics for E-Enterprise MM374 Module
Information systems and digital business MM3101 Module
International Corporate Financial Reporting AC216 Module
International Financial Reporting 1 MMM062 Module
International Financial Reporting 2 MMM063 Module
Introduction to Accounting AC110 Module
Introduction to Accounting AC101 Module
Introduction to Business AC109 Module
Introduction to Business and Finance AC103 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting AC106 Module
Introductory International Financial Accounting A AC105A Module
Introductory International Financial Accounting B AC105B Module
IT Project Management INMR65 Module
Management Accounting AC201 Module
Management Accounting: Theory and Practice ACM003 Module
Management Decision Making and Performance Evaluation MMM040 Module
Management Information AC208 Module
Management Information AC107 Module
Management with Information Technology Project MM310 Module
Managing Complexity Using Systems Thinking and Strategic Modelling INMR76 Module
Managing Operations and Processes MM380 Module
Managing operations and processes MM290 Module
Managing service operations MM3102 Module
MSc Dissertation (Digital Health and Data Analytics) INMR97 Module
MSc Dissertation (Information Management ) INMR90 Module
Operations and Infrastructure DM2003 Module
Operations Management MWM002 Module
Organisational Dynamics: Systems Thinking in the Digital Age INMR98 Module
Organisations and Financial Resources DM1003 Module
Principles of Tax AC207 Module
Principles of Taxation AC108 Module
Products and Services DM2001 Module
Professional and Business Ethics AC215 Module
Professional Practice AC1PWC Module
Project Management MM396 Module
Research Methods INMR62 Module
Research Methods (IB) INMR52 Module
Research Methods for Accounting and Finance ACM004 Module
Research Skills for Managers MWM023 Module
Responsible Investment and Sustainability Reporting AC310 Module
Strategic Information Management MWM016 Module
Systems Analysis and Design INMR72 Module
Tax Compliance AC304 Module
Tax compliance AC217 Module
Technology Advisory Practices MM398 Module

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