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Advanced Derivative Securities Hedging and Trading IC315 Module
Advanced Finance Theory with Empirical Applications ICM289 Module
Advanced Options Trading Qualification ICM339 Module
Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading ICM325 Module
Alternative Investments ICM327 Module
Applied Project ICM330 Module
Applied Wealth Management ICM328 Module
Behavioural Finance ICM302 Module
Big Data in Finance ICM323 Module
Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Applications ICM318 Module
Bond and Money Markets IC314 Module
Bond and Money Markets: Pricing, Trading and Portfolio Strategies ICM519 Module
Climate Change and Risk Management ICM2001 Module
Climate Change and Sustainable Business and Finance ICM1003 Module
Corporate Finance IC201 Module
Corporate Finance and Investment Banking ICM311 Module
Credit Risk ICM239 Module
Derivative Securities IC317 Module
Derivative Securities: Pricing, Hedging and Trading ICM211 Module
Digital Banking and Payment Systems ICM314 Module
Econometric Analysis for Finance ICM337 Module
Emerging Leaders in Finance: Applied Professional Development ICM333 Module
Energy, Carbon and Commodity Markets ICM2002 Module
Environmental Economics IC210 Module
Ethics in Investment Management ICM262 Module
Ethics in Investment Management IC105 Module
Finance and Occupational Pensions IC313 Module
Financial Econometrics ICM204 Module
Financial Engineering IC302 Module
Financial Instruments ICM231 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions ICM332A Module
Financial Markets and Institutions ICM332 Module
Financial Modelling IC212 Module
Financial Regulation ICM338 Module
Financial Reporting ICM335 Module
Fintech and Cryptocurrencies IC316 Module
FinTech and Digital Transformation in Financial Services ICM313 Module
FinTech Regulation and Data Protection ICM320 Module
Fixed Income Cash and Derivative Markets ICM306 Module
FX and International Debt Markets IC211 Module
Governance, Power and Accountability ICM336 Module
Insurance and Big Data ICM319 Module
Introductory Econometrics for Finance IC205 Module
Introductory Economics for Business and Finance IC103 Module
Introductory Finance/Trading Simulation I IC102 Module
Introductory Quantitative Methods for Finance for IBF ICM129 Module
Introductory Quantitative Techniques for Business and Finance IC104 Module
Introductory Securities and Markets IC101 Module
Investment Portfolio Management ICM340 Module
Machine Learning and Big Data in Finance ICM317 Module
Management of Risk IC303 Module
Market Risk ICM207 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions ICM227 Module
Modelling Skills for Equity Analysis ICM334 Module
Portfolio Management IC204 Module
Private Equity and Venture Capital IC309 Module
Private Equity and Venture Capital ICM312 Module
Programming for Finance IC208 Module
Programming for FinTech (Python) ICM316 Module
Research Project ICM218 Module
Research Project IC305 Module
Research Study ICM329 Module
Securities and Investments ICM331 Module
Stock Index Futures ICM308 Module
Strategic Planning and Budgeting ICM252 Module
Structured Products ICM326 Module
Study Abroad Year IC300 Module
Sustainability in the Business World ICM614 Module
Sustainable Finance IC209 Module
Sustainable Investments ICM2003 Module
Trends in Finance IC207 Module
Understanding Management and Financial Research ICM116 Module
Understanding Management and Financial Research ICM116A Module
Work Placement and Project ICM309 Module
Work Placement and Project (30 Credits) ICM342 Module
Work Placement and Project (40 Credits) ICM341 Module

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