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Name Code Type
Advanced qualitative methods MMD002 Module
Advanced Qualitative Methods MMM097 Module
Advances in Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice MMM074 Module
Applied management project MMM126 Module
Business and economic development in resource-rich countries MMM105 Module
Business Clusters MMM131 Module
Business Ethics 1 MM359A Module
Business Synthesis MM1F17 Module
Designing Organisations MMM027 Module
Digital entrepreneurship MM399 Module
Effectual Entrepreneurship MM301 Module
Entrepreneurial Leadership MMM128 Module
Entrepreneurial Management for Creative Artists MMM110 Module
Entrepreneurial Management for Food Scientists MMM052 Module
Entrepreneurial management venture project MM392 Module
Entrepreneurial Project MM302 Module
Entrepreneurship MWM020 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management MMM042 Module
Entrepreneurship Project MMM075 Module
Ethics and international business management MM359B Module
Ethics in international management MMM066 Module
Evolution of Enterprise and Society MMM086 Module
Family Business Management MMM076 Module
Financing for Creative Entrepreneurship MMM094A Module
Gender and Feminism at Work MM367 Module
Innovation and Market Entry MM260 Module
International Corporate Social Responsibility MMM034 Module
International Management Business Project MMM069 Module
International Study Challenge MMM127 Module
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods MMD013 Module
Knowledge and Organisational Learning MWM018 Module
Leadership and Change MWM007 Module
Leadership and Motivation MMM2MLM Module
Leadership theory and practice MMM020 Module
Leading in the Digital Organization MMM140 Module
Management Skills MM256 Module
Managing People and Organisations MMM048 Module
Managing Small Enterprises MM253 Module
Marketing, Management and Delivery of Services MMM107 Module
Organisational Behaviour MM254 Module
Organisations, Culture, Conflict and Change MMM2MOC Module
Pedagogy seminar MMD012 Module
People and Organisations MM1F11 Module
Personal Development MWM010 Module
Practice of Entrepreneurship MMM038 Module
Practice of Entrepreneurship MM270 Module
Social Enterprise MM379 Module
Student Enterprise MM1F10 Module
Sustainability: Evaluating origanizational responses to environmental and social challenges MWM019 Module
The evolution of entrepreneurship MM336 Module

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Title Term Last updated
MM336: The Evolution of Entrepreneurship Spring Term 2018 Ended 31/08/2018 02/01/2018 19:30:03
MMM123 New Venture Start-Up 2019-20 Session 21/06/2019 08:47:47
MMM123 New Venture Start-Up 2018-2019 Session Ended 31/08/2019 02/07/2018 11:17:02
MMM123 New Venture Start-Up 2017-2018 Session Ended 31/08/2018 01/12/2017 11:49:19