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20 credit exemption EXREMFRE2017 Module
Agricultural Law and Valuation RE3ALV Module
Applied Analytical Methods REMB29 Module
Applied Property Law RE2APL Module
Applied Valuation RE3AV Module
Appraisal and Management Projects RE3AMP Module
Business and Professional Values REMF47 Module
Cities, Regions and Strategic Governance REMP32 Module
Comparative International Planning RE3CIP Module
Comparative International Planning Studies REMP19 Module
Corporate Finance REMB31 Module
Corporate Strategy REMB33 Module
Countryside Planning and Policy REMP14 Module
Design in Historic Contexts REMH07 Module
Development and Planning Projects RE3DPP Module
Development Appraisal and Finance RE3DAF Module
Development Planning Projects REMP31 Module
Dissertation RE3DIS Module
Dissertation REMBDISS Module
Dissertation REMH09 Module
Dissertation Methods REMRDM Module
Estate Finance & Business Management RE3EFBM Module
Final Project in Real Estate REMF48 Module
Finance and Investment Project REMF22 Module
Finance and Markets RE3FM Module
Global Real Estate Markets and Investment REMF43 Module
Heritage and Development REMF59 Module
Heritage Law and Economics REMH03 Module
History of Buildings and Landscapes REMH02 Module
Housing Economics REMF28 Module
Housing Markets and Policy REMF53 Module
Housing Markets and Policy RE3HMP Module
Independent Study REMB28 Module
Integrated Study REMP17 Module
International Housing Policy and Management RE3IH Module
International Housing Policy and Management REMP40 Module
International Real Estate REMB26 Module
International Real Estate Markets RE3IRM Module
International Real Estate Markets REMFIRM Module
Introduction to Agriculture and Rural Industries REMRARI Module
Introduction to Data Analysis RE1INDA Module
Introduction to Law REMF32 Module
Introduction to Property Investment RE2IPI Module
Introduction To Property Studies REMIPS Module
Introduction to Real Estate Economics and Investment REMF58 Module
Introduction to Real Estate Finance REMF42 Module
Introductions to Planning and Building RE1IPB Module
Investment and Finance Projects RE3IVP Module
Investment Appraisal REMF34 Module
Investment Appraisal RE1IAP Module
Investment Appraisal and Valuation REMF45 Module
Investment Strategy and Management RE3ISM Module
Land, Property Rights and Institutions REMP33 Module
Landlord and Tenant Law REMFLTL Module
Management Case Studies in Rural Surveying REMMCS Module
Management in the Real Estate Sector RE2MRES Module
Management of Heritage Assets REMH06 Module
Managing Change in the Real Estate Sector RE2MCRE Module
MSc Real Estate REMXRE Module
MSc Real Estate Finance REMXREF Module
MSc Rural Land & Business Management REMXRLBM Module
MSc Spatial Planning & Development REMXSPD Module
Natural Resource Management REMNRM Module
Planning Dissertation REMP22 Module
Planning Law and Practice RE2PLP Module
Planning Policy and Practice REMF50 Module
Planning Theory, Politics and Practice REMP02 Module
Practical Building Conservation & Repair REMH05 Module
Procurement of Building Conservation Projects REMH08 Module
Projects in Appraisal and Management RE3PAM Module
Projects in Development and Planning RE3PDP Module
Projects in Planning REMP18 Module
Projects in Real Estate and Planning RE1PROJ Module
Projects in Real Estate and Planning (1) RE1PREP Module
Projects in Real Estate and Planning (2) RE2PREP Module
Property And Business Taxation REMTAX Module
Property and the Environment REMP07 Module
Property Development Appraisal and Finance RE3PDAF Module
Property Law REMF54 Module
Property Valuation RE2VAL Module
Quantitative Methods for Real Estate Investment REMF30 Module
Quantitative Techniques REMF37 Module
Real Estate and Appraisal Management RE3REAM Module
Real Estate and Planning Dissertation REMDISS40 Module
Real Estate and Planning Part 2 Career Management Skills RE2CMS Module
Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation REMF18 Module
Real Estate Asset Management REMF44 Module
Real Estate Development REMF07 Module
Real Estate Development REMB16 Module
Real Estate Development (Planning focus) REMP30 Module
Real Estate Development Practice RE3REDP Module
Real Estate Development Process RE3RDP Module
Real Estate Development: Process, Practice and Appraisal REMF49 Module
Real Estate Economics REMB27 Module
Real Estate Economics REMFRE Module
Real Estate Economics REMREE Module
Real Estate Economics and Investment RE2REEI Module
Real Estate Finance REMF27 Module
Real Estate Finance and Debt Markets REMF41 Module
Real Estate Finance Field Trip REMF38 Module
Real Estate Funding REMF57 Module
Real Estate Funding REMB38 Module
Real Estate Investment REMFREI Module
Real Estate Investment Analysis REMF39 Module
Real Estate Investment Appraisal REMB05 Module
Real Estate Law REMB36 Module
Real Estate Management REMB34 Module
Real Estate Management REMF05 Module
Real Estate Opportunities REMF35 Module
Real Estate Opportunities REMF56 Module
Real Estate Portfolio Management REMFPM Module
Real Estate Portfolio Management REMB22 Module
Real Estate Portfolio Management REMF52 Module
Real Estate Securities REMFRES Module
Real Estate Securities REMB19 Module
Real Estate Valuation REMB10 Module
Regeneration REMP08 Module
Regeneration RE3REG Module
Research Methods 1 REMP20 Module
Research Methods 2 REMP21 Module
Residential Real Estate and Policy REMB35 Module
Rural Business Analysis Project REMRBAP Module
Rural Dissertation REMRDISS Module
Rural Diversification RE3RD Module
Rural Diversification REMRD Module
Rural Field Trip REMRFT Module
Rural Policy And Planning REMRPP Module
Rural Policy and Planning RE3RUP Module
Rural Projects RE3RPS Module
Rural Property Law and Valuation RE3RPLV Module
Rural Property Law and Valuation REMRPLV Module
Rural Study Tour REMRST Module
Rural Taxation RE3RT Module
Spatial Planning Dissertation REMDISS30 Module
Statistics and Quantitative Techniques RE3SQT Module
Strategic Management of Corporate Real Estate REMB40 Module
Strategic Planning REMP06 Module
Strategic Rural Asset Management REMRSAM Module
Survey and Assessment of Heritage Assets REMH04 Module
Sustainability and Prosperity in a Globalising World RE1SPGW Module
Sustainability and Real Estate REMF31 Module
Sustainability and Real Estate REMF55 Module
Sustainability and Urban Design RE3SUD Module
Understanding Construction: Procurement and Project Delivery REMF51 Module
Understanding the Historic Environment REMH01 Module
Urban Design and Sustainability REMP16 Module
Urban Planning and Governance: Tools and Techniques RE3UPG Module
Valuation REMF46 Module
Woodland Resource Management REMWRM Module
Work Based Learning RE3WBL Module
Work-Based Learning REMP27 Module

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