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Academic Work Placement CL2APL Module
Anatolia and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age. The Context for the Trojan War CL3AA Module
Ancient Biography CL3AB Module
Ancient Drama CL2DR Module
Ancient Egyptian Language and Hieroglyphs CL2AEL Module
Ancient Epic CL2AE Module
Ancient Greek 1 CL1G1 Module
Ancient Greek 2 (I) CL2G2 Module
Ancient Greek 3 CL3G3 Module
Ancient Greek 3 (I) CL2G3 Module
Ancient Greek 4 (H) CL3G4 Module
Ancient Greek 5 (H) CL3G5 Module
Ancient Greek 6 CL3G6 Module
Ancient Song CL1SO Module
Ancient Sparta CL3SP Module
Approaches to Classics and Ancient History CLMACAH Module
Classics Research Methods CLMRM Module
Cleopatras CL2CLE Module
Dissertation CLMDS Module
Dissertation in Classics CL3DN Module
Early Macedon CL2EM Module
Egypt and the Greco-Roman World CL2EGR Module
Extended Essay for Italian and Classical Studies CL3EE Module
From Classroom to Courtroom: Mastering the Art of Persuasion in the Ancient World CL3FCC Module
Greek History: Persian Wars to Alexander CL2CGH Module
Greek History: War, Society and Change in the Archaic Age CL1GH Module
Greek Religions CL2GRE Module
Greek Scuplture CL2GSC Module
History and Culture of New Kingdom Egypt CL3EGY Module
Independent Third Year Project CL3INP Module
Introduction to Late Antiquity CL2ILA Module
Latin 1 (C) CL1L1 Module
Latin 2 (I) CL2L2 Module
Latin 3 (I) CL2L3 Module
Latin 3 (I) CL3L3 Module
Latin 4 (H) CL3L4 Module
Latin 5 (H) CL3L5 Module
Latin 6 CL3L6 Module
My Mother's Sin and other Stories CL2SI Module
Pioneers of Classical Archaeology CL3PCA Module
Preparation for Dissertation in Classics CL3DP Module
Prospects for Classicists and Ancient Historians CL2PR Module
Roman History CL1RH Module
Roman History: From Republic to Empire CL2RO Module
Rome’s Mediterranean Empire; A World of Cities CL2RME Module
Seneca:The Consul, The Philosopher, The Tragedian CL3SEN Module
Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World CL2SG Module
Special Option 1 CLMOP1 Module
Special Option 2 CLMOP2 Module
Special Option 3: Study Abroad CLMOP3 Module
Study Abroad module 10 credit CL2SA10 Module
Study Abroad module 20 credit CL2SAB20 Module
Study Abroad module 30 credits CL2SA30 Module
Study Abroad Placement in Classics CL2SA1 Module
Technology in the Ancient World CL3TE Module
Texts, Readers, and Writers CL1TR Module
The City of Rome: From Village to Metropolis CL3ROM Module
Theoretical Approaches in Classics CL2TA Module
Urban life: The archaeology and anthropology of Roman cities CL3UL Module
Work placement for Classicists and Ancient Historians CL2PL Module

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