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American Century: United States history since 1898 HS2O55 Module
Anarchy in the UK: Punk, Politics and Youth Culture in Britain, 1976-84 HS3SAU Module
Anti-Semitism: Medieval Christian-Jewish Relations and the Concept of ‘Anti-Semitism’ HS1ANS Module
Arriving in Britain: a History of Immigration, 1685-2004 HS1ABR Module
Axis at War: Life and Death in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, 1936-45 HS3T82 Module
Battleaxes and Benchwarmers': Early female MPs 1919-1931 HS3T77 Module
Becoming a Historian: Theory and Themes HSMBHT Module
Becoming a Historian: Theory and Themes in Medieval History HSMBHM Module
Becoming a Revolutionary: the Old Regime and the French Revolution, 1787-1794 HS3SBR Module
Black Britain: Race and Migration in Post-war Britain HS2O58 Module
Childhood and Family Life in the C19th & early 20th HS1CFL Module
Crisis, Change, Opportunity: Italy from 1968 to the Present HS3CCO Module
Discovering Archives and Collections HS3DAC Module
Dissertation HSMDN3 Module
Dissertation in History HS3HLD Module
Doomsday Dystopias: Nuclear Disaster in the Cold War Imagination HS1DDD Module
Encountering the Atlantic World, 1450-1850 HS2O57 Module
Eugenics from 1865 to the Present Day HS3SEU Module
Europe in the Twentieth Century HS2O19 Module
Everyday Life in a Medieval Town: Reading, 1100-1500 HS1RDG Module
From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-1945 HS3T98 Module
Going Public: Presenting the Past, Planning the Future HS2GPP Module
Heretics and Popes: Heresy and Persecution in the Medieval World HS3SHP Module
Historical Approaches and My Dissertation HS2HAD Module
History Education HS3HED Module
Hollywood Histories: Film and the Past HS2O11 Module
Hunger and Famines in History HS1HAF Module
Intellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy HS2INT Module
Ireland and the English in the middle ages HS3T30 Module
Journeys through History 1:Power and People HS1JH1 Module
Journeys through History 2: Culture and Concept HS1JH2 Module
Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154–1330 HS2O7 Module
Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch Craze HS3T25 Module
Merlin HS1MER Module
Modern Science and the Imperial World, 1750-2000 HS3T83 Module
My Career: Wider Horizons HS2MC2 Module
Option One HSMOP1 Module
Option Two HSMOP2 Module
People, power and revolution: political culture in seventeenth-century England HS2O3 Module
Politics and Popular Culture: Post-Arab Spring Egypt HS3T91 Module
Radicalism and Protest in Britain: from the Levellers to Occupy HS1RAP Module
Rape in the United States: from Colonisation to Civil Rights HS1RUS Module
Rebel Girls, the influence of radical women 1792 - 1919 HS2O14 Module
Reform and Revolt in the Modern Middle East: Egypt from Ataturk to the 'Arab Spring' HS2O17 Module
Research Skills and Opportunities in History HS1RSO Module
Revolutionary Cities HS2O51 Module
Sexual Politics: Gender, Sex, and Feminism in Britain after 1918 HS3T100 Module
Slavery in America HS3SSA Module
Society, Thought and Art in Modern Europe HS2STA Module
Study Abroad 1A HS2SA1A Module
Study Abroad 1B HS2SA1B Module
Study Abroad 1C HS2SA1C Module
Study Abroad 1D HS2SA1D Module
Study Abroad 1E HS2SA1E Module
Study Abroad 1F HS2SA1F Module
Study Abroad 2A HS2SA2A Module
Study Abroad 2B HS2SA2B Module
Study Abroad 2C HS2SA2C Module
Study Abroad 3A HS2SA3A Module
Study Abroad 3B HS2SA3B Module
Study Abroad 3C HS2SA3C Module
Study Abroad 3D HS2SA3D Module
Study Abroad 4A HS2SA4A Module
Study Abroad 4B HS2SA4B Module
Study Abroad 4C HS2SA4C Module
Study Abroad 4D HS2SA4D Module
Study Abroad 4E HS2SA4E Module
Study Abroad credits HS2SA30 Module
Study Abroad Year HS2SAY Module
The American Civil War HS2O53 Module
The Colonial Experience Africa 1879-1980 HS2O10 Module
The Romantic Revolution: Culture, Environment and Society in England, c.1790-c.1900 HS3T88 Module
The Rwanda Genocide of 1994 HS1TRG Module
The United States and the Cold War HS3T75 Module
Unity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe HS2UNR Module
War, White Heat, and the Winds of Change: Britain's Twentieth Century HS1WWH Module
Warfare in Early Modern Europe HS1WAR Module
Western Imaginaries of the Middle East HS1OWI Module
Women and Medieval History HS2O4 Module
Work Experience Year HS2WEY Module
Working with Historical Collections: Sources and Audiences HSMWHC Module
‘The brightest jewel in the British crown’: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947 HS2O16 Module

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