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Name Code Type
Advanced German Language I GM1L3 Module
Advanced German Language II GM2L4 Module
Advanced German Language III GM3L6 Module
Advanced German Language III (3-yr prog) GM3L6C Module
Beginners German Language GM1L1A Module
Beginners German Language 2 GM1L1B Module
Cinemas of Germany GM2CG Module
Fantasy, Horror & the Grotesque: ETA Hoffmann GM2HOFF Module
German Language for Business and Management GM3LBM Module
German Romanticism: The Search for Something More GM2GR Module
German Texts and Genres GM1TG Module
Glorification, Denial and Contempt – Reconstructing Austria's Past GM2GDC Module
Icons of Modern Germany GM1IMG Module
Intermediate German Language GM1L2 Module
Love, Lust and Loss in German Literature GM2LLL Module
Migration in Germany GM3MIG Module
Mobility and the Metropolis: Berlin in German Literature GM3MODA Module
The World of Words: Lexicology and Word Formation GM2LWF Module
War on Screen - Germany and its films about WWII GM3WOS Module

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