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Algorithms and Operating Systems CS2AO17 Module
Applications of Computer Science CS1AC16 Module
Applied Data Science with Python CSMAD21 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS3AI18 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS3AI18NU Module
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning CSMAI21 Module
Big Data and Cloud Computing CSMBD21 Module
Blockchain Computing CS3BC20 Module
Compilers CS2CO16 Module
Computer Architecture and Networking CS2CA17 Module
Data Analytics and Mining CSMDM21 Module
Data Integration and Visualisation CS3DV20 Module
Data Integration and Visualisation CS3DV20NU Module
Data Science Algorithms and Tools CS3DS19 Module
Data Science Algorithms and Tools CS3DS19NU Module
Data Security and Ethics CSMDE21 Module
Databases and Information Security CS2DI17 Module
Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing CS3DP19 Module
Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing CS3DP19NU Module
Fundamentals of Computer Science CS1FC16 Module
HCI and Web Applications CS1HW22 Module
Image Analysis CS3IA16NU Module
Image Analysis CS3IA16 Module
Individual project CS3IP16 Module
Industrial Year CS2IY16 Module
Java CS2PJ20 Module
Mathematics and Computation CS1MA20 Module
Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science CSMMA21 Module
MSc Project CSMPR21 Module
Programming in C/C++ CS1PC20 Module
Programming in Python for Data Science CS2PP22 Module
Research studies CSMRS16 Module
Service-Oriented System Applications CS2SA16 Module
Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Computing CS3SC17 Module
Software Engineering: Fundamentals and Professional Development CS1SE20 Module
Software Engineering: Quality and Testing CS2QT19 Module
Software System Design with UML CS2SS20 Module
Study Abroad Year CS2AY20 Module
Text Mining and Natural Language Processing CS3TM20 Module
Virtual Reality CS3VR16NU Module
Virtual Reality CS3VR16 Module
Visual Intelligence CS3VI18NU Module
Visual Intelligence CS3VI18 Module

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