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Algebra MA2ALA Module
Applied Stochastic Processes MA3AST Module
Applied Stochastic Processes MA4AST Module
Asymptotic Methods MA3AM Module
Calculus MA1CA Module
Calculus MA1CANU Module
Calculus of Variations MA3CV Module
Complex Analysis I MA2CA1 Module
Complex Analysis II MA3CA2 Module
Complex Analysis II MA4CA2 Module
Cryptography and Error Correcting Codes MA3CEC Module
Differential Equations MA2DE Module
Differential Equations I MA1DE1NU Module
Dynamical Systems MA4DS Module
Dynamical Systems MA3DS Module
Fluid Mechanics MA3FM Module
Fluid mechanics MA4FM Module
Foundations of Mathematics MA1FM Module
Fourth Year Project MA4XA Module
Further Mathematics and Physics MA0FMP Module
Galois Theory MA3GAL Module
Galois Theory MA4GAL Module
Generalised Linear Models ST3GLM Module
Industrial Placement Year MA2PY Module
Integral equations MA3XJ Module
Linear Algebra MA1LA Module
Linear Algebra MA1LANU Module
Linear Models ST2LM Module
Linear Models & Data Analysis ST2LMD Module
Mathematical and Statistical Programming MA1MSP Module
Mathematical Biology MA4MB Module
Mathematical Biology MA3MB Module
Mathematical Modelling MA2MOD Module
Mathematical Physics MA2MPH Module
Mathematical Programming MA2MPR Module
Mathematical Programming MA1MPRNU Module
Modelling Structured Data ST3MSD Module
Multivariate Data Analysis ST3MVA Module
Number Theory MA3Z7 Module
Numerical Analysis MA2NAN Module
Numerical Analysis II MA4NAT Module
Numerical Analysis II MA3NAT Module
Part 3 Project MA3PRO Module
Partial Differential Equations II MA3PD2 Module
Partial Differential Equations II MA4PD2 Module
Peer Assisted Learning MA3PAL Module
Probability and Statistical Theory ST2PST Module
Probability and Statistics ST1PS Module
Probability and Statistics ST1PSNU Module
Probability Theory I MA2PT1 Module
Professional skills for Mathematicians MA2PSM Module
Real Analysis 1 MA1RA1NU Module
Real Analysis I MA1RA1 Module
Real Analysis II MA1RA2NU Module
Real Analysis II MA2RA2 Module
Statistical Machine Learning and Data Science ST3SML Module
Statistics Project ST3PR Module
Stochastic Processes MA4SP Module
Study Abroad Year MA2SA Module
Summer Placement MA3SPL Module
Summer Placement MA2SPL Module
Vector Calculus MA2VC Module

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