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Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis ECM603 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics EC302 Module
Advanced Microeconomic Analysis ECM602 Module
Advanced Microeconomics EC301 Module
Advances in Causal Inference ECM703 Module
Applied Behavioural Economics ECM653 Module
Applied Economics Project ECM654 Module
Behavioural Economics EC343 Module
Business Economics EC208 Module
Business Economics Study Abroad EC208SA Module
Capstone Project ECM200 Module
Communicating Economics EC126 Module
Core Competencies in Economics EC1CORE Module
Development economics EC319 Module
Development economics ECM171 Module
Dissertation ECM610 Module
Dissertation ECM702 Module
Dissertation (Economics) EC3DIS Module
Dissertation (for Joint degrees) EC3DSI Module
Econometric Methods EC318 Module
Econometrics 1 ECM604 Module
Econometrics 2 ECM605 Module
Economic Appraisal and Evaluation Methods ECM652 Module
Economic Data Analysis ECM651 Module
Economic History EC243 Module
Economic Theory EC221 Module
Economics of Banking EC327 Module
Economics of Corporate Strategy ECM620 Module
Economics of Labour EC322 Module
Economics of Public Policy ECM184 Module
Economics of Social Policy EC238 Module
Economics of Social Policy ECM185 Module
Economics of Social Policy Study Abroad EC238SA Module
Empirical Methods for Economics and Social Sciences EC207 Module
Environmental Economics EC334 Module
Financial EConomics EC349 Module
Frontiers of Economic Research ECM701 Module
Games and Economic Behaviour EC224 Module
Globalisation and the History of Western Capitalism EC123 Module
Industrial Organisation EC347 Module
Intermediate Econometrics EC205 Module
Intermediate Econometrics Study Abroad EC205SA Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics EC202 Module
Intermediate Mathematics for Economics EC128 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics EC201 Module
International Economics EC311 Module
Introduction to Econometric Analysis ECM001 Module
Introduction to Economic Institutions and Policy EC107 Module
Introduction to Economics EC100 Module
Introductory Econometrics EC204 Module
Introductory Macroeconomics EC114 Module
Introductory Mathematics for Economics 1 EC116 Module
Introductory Microeconomics EC113 Module
Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 1 EC115 Module
Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 2 and Study Skills EC120 Module
Macroeconometrics EC350 Module
Macroeconomic Policy ECM102 Module
Microeconomic Policy ECM101 Module
Money and Banking EC320 Module
Placement Support EC130 Module
Placement Support EC230 Module
Public Economics EC314 Module
Research Methodology ECM103 Module
Study Abroad EC2SAS1 Module
Study Abroad EC2SAS2 Module
Study Abroad EC2SAS3 Module
Study Abroad Year EC2SAY Module
The Economics of Climate Change EC110 Module
The Economics of Financial Markets ECM132 Module
The Economics of Sports and Games EC325 Module
Thinking Like an Economist EC131 Module
Topics in Business Economics ECM621 Module
Work Experience Year EC2WEP Module

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