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Agri-food Value Chains APMA109 Module
Agri-Food Value Chains- CPD APMA509 Module
Agricultural and Food Economics APD_AGECON Programme
Agricultural Research Skills AP1A30 Module
Agricultural technology: application, adoption, and ethics APMA119 Module
Agricultural technology: application, adoption, and ethics AP3A107 Module
Agriculture APD_AGRIC Programme
Agriculture in Practice AP1A25 Module
Animal Science in Practice 1 AP1A26 Module
Animal Science in Practice 2 AP2A63 Module
Animal Science Research Project APMA117 Module
Animal Science Research Project Plan APMA116 Module
Applied Animal Nutrition AP2A67 Module
Applied Consumer Behaviour APME80 Module
Approaches to International Development AP2ID2 Module
Business Planning and Control APMA101 Module
Canine and Feline Science AP3A101 Module
Career Planning and Professional Practice for BSc Environmental Management AP2AE35 Module
Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Theory APME78 Module
Consumer Psychology AP1EC1 Module
Consumer, Producers, Markets and Trade APME83 Module
Contemporary Issues in Animal Science APMA114 Module
Contemporary Issues in Animal Science- CPD APMA514 Module
Contemporary issues in consumer behaviour and marketing AP3EC3 Module
Crop Agronomy AP2A66 Module
Crop Physiology, Nutrition and Protection AP1A29 Module
Digital Marketing AP2EM4 Module
Dissertation AP3A81 Module
Dissertation (BSc International Development) AP3ID3 Module
Ecology and Environmental Management AP1AE15 Module
Ecosystem Services AP3AE80 Module
Energy, Climate Change and Development APME75 Module
Environmental Management in Practice AP3AE70 Module
Environmental Science and Management Fieldcourse 2 AP3AE65 Module
Equine Science AP3A100 Module
Equine Science and Management AP3A98 Module
Experimental Horticulture APMA98 Module
Experimentation and Data Analysis AP2A61 Module
Farm Business Management AP2A64 Module
Foundation Programme: Environment, Ecology and Sustainability AP0AE1 Module
Global Issues in Nutrition and Health AP3A105 Module
Global Sustainability: Challenges and Prospects AP1A28 Module
Graduate Institute Of International Development, Agriculture And Economics APD_GIIDAE Institute
Horticultural Crop Technology APMA118 Module
Horticultural Crop Technology AP3A106 Module
Human Motivation APME82 Module
Independent Research Project AP3EX5 Module
Independent Research Project AP3A110 Module
Individual Capstone Project APME81 Module
International and Rural Development APD_IRDD Programme
International Development: Global and Local Issues AP1ID2 Module
International Development: Global and Local Issues AP1ID1 Module
Introduction to Livestock Production Systems AP1A24 Module
Introductory Physiology AP1A27 Module
Introductory Statistics and Econometrics APME84 Module
Issues in Agricultural Systems APMA112 Module
Key Skills for Environmental Management AP1AE05 Module
Landscape and Ecosystem Management Fieldcourse 1 AP2AE30 Module
Livestock Nutrition and Feeding APMA113 Module
Livestock Nutrition and Feeding- CPD APMA513 Module
Livestock, Livelihoods and Food Security APMA108 Module
Livestock, Livelihoods and Food Security - CPD APMA508 Module
Meat Production and Quality AP3A104 Module
Methods in Ecology and Environmental Management AP2AE45 Module
Mini Work Placement and Professional Development for Animal Scientists AP2A68 Module
Nudge and Behaviour Change APME79 Module
Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability APMA96 Module
Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability AP3A99 Module
Principles of Communication Design for Development AP3ID4 Module
Principles of Horticulture and Crop Production AP2A69 Module
Principles of Integrated Pest Management APMA104 Module
Principles of Integrated Pest Management AP3A102 Module
Professional Placement AP2PP1 Module
Professional Placement with Study Abroad Experience AP2SA3 Module
Professional Practice Placement for International Development AP2ID5 Module
Quantitative Marketing Research Methods APME85 Module
Research and Professional Skills for Business and Marketing AP1EQ5 Module
Research Methods for BSc International Development AP2ID1 Module
Research Methods: Agriculture, Ecology and Environment APMA110 Module
Research Project: Agriculture, Ecology and Environment APMA111 Module
Resource and Environmental Economics APME76 Module
Rethinking Agricultural Development (including Horticulture): Implementing Solutions APMA103 Module
Study Abroad AP3SA2 Module
Study Abroad AP3SA1 Module
Study Abroad AP3SA4 Module
Study Abroad AP3SA3 Module
Study Abroad Year AP2SA1 Module
Study Skills for BSc International Development AP1ID3 Module
Sustainable Livestock Production Systems APMA115 Module
Sustainable Livestock Production Systems- CPD APMA515 Module
The Economic Environment AP1EE4 Module
The Food Business AP1EF2 Module
The Fundamentals of Business and Marketing AP1EM2 Module
What is sustainability? APMA107 Module
What is Sustainability?- CPD APMA507 Module
Wildlife and Farming AP3AE75 Module

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