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Advanced Entomology BIMEB1 Module
Advanced Insect Identification BIMWK2 Module
Advanced Topics in Biomedicine and Critical Appraisal Skills BIMBC12 Module
Anatomy and Physiology BI1AP12 Module
Animal Behaviour BI1AB1 Module
Animal Diversity BI1EAB1 Module
Applied and Integrated Biochemistry BI3BAI8 Module
Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering BI3AT17 Module
Bacterial Pathogens BI3BC7 Module
Bacterial Pathogens & Experimental Approaches BI3BQ78 Module
Bacteriology and Virology BI1BAC2 Module
Behavioural Ecology and Life History Theory BI3EK7 Module
Biocybernetics BI2BC17 Module
Biodiversity Field Course BI2EWEV Module
Biodiversity Field course BI2BDFC Module
Biodiversity Field course BI3BDFC Module
Biodiversity: Exploiters and Exploited BI2EEE4 Module
Bioinstrumentation BI3BI17 Module
Biologically Inspired Computing BI2BI17 Module
Biology of Cancer BIMBC2 Module
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering BI3BT17 Module
Biomechanics BI3BM17 Module
Biomedical Systems Design and Project Management BI2SM17 Module
Birds: Diversity, Behaviour and Conservation BI2EY5 Module
Brain Computer Interfaces BI3BC17 Module
Building Blocks of Life BI1BEC1 Module
Cancer BI3BD8 Module
Cancer and Cell Communication BI3BT78 Module
Cardiovascular Disease BI3BE8 Module
Cardiovascular disease and therapeutics BIMBD2 Module
Cell Communication and Disease BI3BF7 Module
Cells and Immunity BI2BC45 Module
Clinical Biomedicine BI2BCB5 Module
Conservation Biology BI3EW8 Module
Conservation Genetics BIMWE1 Module
Critical Discussions BIMPD2 Module
Current Issues in Conservation BIMWM2 Module
Current Topics in Biomedical Engineering BIMCT17 Module
Current Topics in Zoology and Ecology BI1BEA2 Module
Digital and Embedded Technologies BI2DE17 Module
Diversity and Identification of Plants BIMPB12 Module
Ecology BI1EC2 Module
Ecology and Behaviour BI1EEAA1 Module
Ecology and Conservation Field Course BI2EC3 Module
Ecology: species and their interactions BI1EF2 Module
Electronics BI1EE17 Module
Endocrinology BI2BB4 Module
Entomology Project BIMEPRO Module
Evolutionary Genetics and Phylogeny BI3EG7 Module
Evolutionary Medicine BI3EM1 Module
Field Trips BIMWL1 Module
Forensic Zoology BI3EB7 Module
Foundation Programme: Biology BI0BF1 Module
Fundamentals of Neuroscience BI2FN17 Module
Fundamentals of Physics for Biological Sciences BI1EPM Module
GIS for Wildlife Managers BIMWG2 Module
Group project BI3GP17 Module
Human Development, Organogenesis and Anatomy BI2BC4 Module
Human Physiology BI1BH12 Module
Individual Project BI3IP17 Module
Industrial Placement BI2IND Module
Industrial Year BI2W17 Module
Industrial Year BI2W16 Module
Infectious Diseases BI2BI45 Module
Insect Ecology and its Application BI3EAA7 Module
International Foundation Programme: Biology BI0BIO Module
Introduction to Bioinformatics & Computational Biology BI2BT5 Module
Introduction to Electronics BI1IE12 Module
Introduction to Entomology BI2EX5 Module
Introduction to Evolutionary Processes BI1EAD1 Module
Introduction to Insect Identification BIMEA1 Module
Introduction to Programming BI1IP12 Module
Introductory Microbiology BI1S1 Module
Invertebrate Survey and Assessment BIMWK1 Module
Invertebrate Survey and Identification BIMISI Module
Invertebrate Zoology BI2EI4 Module
Key Skills in Biomedical Engineering BI1KS17 Module
Key Skills in Biomedicine BI1BM12 Module
Key Skills in Biomedicine 2 BI2BM45 Module
Key Skills in Ecology and Zoology BI1EZ12 Module
Key Skills in Ecology and Zoology 2 BI2EZ45 Module
Laboratory and Study Skills for Biomedicine BI1BF1 Module
Landscape Conservation & Rewilding BIMLCR1 Module
Landscape Conservation and GIS BIMLCG Module
Life and Death of a Cell BI2BD4 Module
Mammal Conservation BIMWI2 Module
Mammalian Reproduction BI3BH8 Module
Mammals: diversity, behaviour and conservation BI1ED2 Module
Management of Vertebrate Pests BI2EMV4 Module
Manipulator Dynamics and Haptics BIMMD16 Module
Marine Biology and Conservation BI2MBC Module
Marine Biology and Conservation Field Course BI2MFC Module
Mathematics BI1MA17 Module
Mathematics Foundation BI0MF1 Module
Mechanisms for Microbial Function BI3BG8 Module
Medical Applications of Physics BI2APM Module
Medical Genetics BI3BA7 Module
Medical Imaging BI3MI17 Module
Metabolic and Practical Biochemistry BI1BAB2 Module
Metabolic Biochemistry BI1MB2 Module
Microbiology Field Course BI3B67 Module
Molecular Genetics BI2BMG4 Module
Molecular Systematics BIMPE1 Module
Natural and artificial robotics BI2NR17 Module
Nature Conservation in Practice BI2NCP5 Module
Neurobiology BI3BI8 Module
Palaeozoology BI3EAB8 Module
Part 2 Zoology Field Course A BI2EJ3P Module
Part 2 Zoology Field Course C BI2EK3P Module
Pathology BI1BP2 Module
Pathology and Histology BI1BAD2 Module
Pharmacology and Toxicology BI2BE4 Module
Physics for Biomedical Engineering BI1PH17 Module
Physiological Biochemistry BI2BPB5 Module
Plant Diversity Research Project BIMPDRP Module
Plant Diversity, Structure and Utilisation BI1EG1 Module
Practical Animal Behaviour BI2PAB Module
Practical Field Ecology BI1EF3 Module
Professional Experience BI2PEX Module
Professional Skills BIMPRO Module
Programming BI1PR17 Module
Project Placement BIMPLAC Module
Protein Structure and Function BI2BL5 Module
Quantitative Methods BIMWA12 Module
Quantitative Methods BIMQM Module
Regenerative Medicine BIMBD1 Module
Reptiles and Dinosaurs BI2ERD5 Module
Research Management and Ethics BIMRM17 Module
Research Planning BIMEF2 Module
Research Planning and Project Management BIMBC1 Module
Research Project BI4RP16 Module
Research project BIMBPRO2 Module
Research Project BIMRP17 Module
Research Project BIMBD23 Module
Research Project - Biomolecular 20 Credit (D) BI3PROD Module
Research Project - Biomolecular 40 Credit (B) BI3PROB Module
Research Project - Ecology and Evolution 40 Credit (A) BI3PROA Module
Research Skills BIMPI12 Module
Research Techniques, Analysis and Experimental Design BIMBF1 Module
Selected Topics in Animal Behaviour BI3AB7 Module
Selected Topics in Endocrinology and Endocrine Disease BI3BB7 Module
Seminars in Biology BI3S78 Module
Sensors and Transducers for Biomedical Engineering BI2ST17 Module
Signal Processing BI2SP17 Module
Soft Technologies BIMST17 Module
Special Study for Erasmus A BI3BK8 Module
Special Study for Erasmus B BI3BL8 Module
Species and Habitat Conservation BIMWF1 Module
State Space and Frequency Response BI3SS16 Module
Structural Proteomics BI3BR7 Module
Summer Placement BI2PLA Module
Synthetic Biology BIMBE2 Module
Synthetic Biology BI3SB17 Module
Systems Biology BI3BP7 Module
The Bacterial Cell BI2BR5 Module
The Management of Vertebrates for Conservation BIMWC1 Module
Tropical Biology Field Course BI2EAB3 Module
UK Field Courses BIMPL3 Module
UK Field Courses BIMUKFC Module
Urban Ecology BI3EF7 Module
Vegetation Survey and Assessment BIMPK12 Module
Vegetation Survey and Assessment 1 BIMVSA1 Module
Vegetation Survey and Assessment 2 BIMVSA2 Module
Venoms and Poisons BI2EVP5 Module
Vertebrate Conservation BIMEC2 Module
Vertebrate Survey and Assessment BIMWL2 Module
Vertebrate Survey and Assessment BIMVERT Module
Vertebrate Survey and Management BIMED2 Module
Vertebrate Zoology BI2EV45 Module
Viral Pathogens BI3BJ8 Module
Virology BI2BO4 Module
Wildlife Diseases BI3EP7 Module
Wildlife Management Project BIMPROJ Module

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