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Academic English and Study Skills EDM096 Module
Academic Research and Practice EDMAP3 Module
Assessment and Measurement EDM101 Module
Behavioural Insight EDM178 Module
Changing Education: an Educational Project for Social Justice ED3BCE Module
Chemistry Education Project ED3EDP Module
Child Development ED3FCD Module
Child Development and Education EDM104 Module
Classroom Musicianship EDM191 Module
Contemporary Education and Policy ED2BEP Module
Creative Learning through the Arts ED1BCL Module
Creativity and Critical Thinking ED2FCT Module
Designing Qualitative and Mixed Method Educational Research EDM183 Module
Developing Academic Practice EDMAP2 Module
Developing expertise in teaching EDM001 Module
Developing expertise in teaching EDM095 Module
Developing mentoring excellence (theory and practice) EDM190 Module
Development of transferable skills through a school placement ED3TS4 Module
Development of transferable skills through a school placement ED3TS3 Module
Development of transferable skills through a school placement ED2TS2 Module
Development of transferable skills through a school placement ED2TS1 Module
Dissertation ED3BFD Module
EAL Multilingualism module ED1BME Module
Educating Diverse Groups EDM188 Module
Education for Inclusion ED1BEC Module
Educational Leadership and Management EDM173 Module
Enabling Progress In Mathematics and Science ED2MS1 Module
English and Communication in the Primary Curriculum 1 ED1EC1 Module
English and Communication in The Primary Curriculum 2 ED2EC1 Module
English Language Education Dissertation EDM097 Module
Exploring Learning ED1BTL Module
Families and Learning EDM200 Module
Formative Assessment In Science And Physical Education ED3SP1 Module
Global perspectives in Education ED2BGP Module
Guided Practical Teaching ED3GPT Module
Guided Teaching (Primary) ED3PTGP Module
Guided Teaching (Secondary) ED3PTGS Module
Guided teaching PGPrimary ED3PGG Module
Health and Well - being: Consequences and Responsibilities ED3BHW Module
Independent Practical Teaching ED3IPT Module
Independent Study in Education EDM114 Module
Independent Teaching (Primary) ED3PTIP Module
Independent Teaching (Secondary) ED3PTIS Module
Independent teaching PGPrimary ED3PGI Module
International Perspectives ED2FIP Module
Introduction to Academic Practice EDMAP1 Module
Investigating Education EDM007 Module
Investigating practice EDMPIP Module
Key Concepts in Educational Leadership and Management EDM146 Module
Leadership EDMPLS Module
Leadership in Education ED2BLE Module
Leadership in the Childrens Workforce ED2FCW Module
Leading and Managing Educational Change EDM147 Module
Learning Spaces ED1FLS Module
MA Education dissertation EDM133 Module
Mathematics in the Primary School ED1MP1 Module
Mathematics, Children and Education 1 ED1AC4 Module
Mathematics, Children and Education 2 ED2AC4 Module
Mathematics, Children and Education 3 ED3AC4 Module
Musical development: Appraisal and Assessment EDM093 Module
Partnership with Parents ED1FPP Module
PGCE Primary Portfolio - learning and teaching the curriculum ED3PGPP Module
Practitioner Research ED2FPR Module
Primary School Direct IED_PSD Programme
Professional Development ED1BPD Module
Professional Development 2 ED2BPD Module
Professional Development 3 ED3BPD Module
Professional Studies 1 ED1PS1 Module
Professional Studies 2 ED2PS1 Module
Professional Studies and Inclusion ED3PI1 Module
Professional Studies: The Reflective Early Years Teacher EDM182 Module
Professional Studies: the Reflective Practitioner EDMPPS Module
Professionalism in the 21st Century EDM194 Module
Professionalism in the Childrens Workforce ED1FPS Module
Providing children's services ED3PCS Module
Quantitative Research Methods in Education EDM181 Module
Refining Pedagogy in English and Mathematics ED3EM1 Module
Reflective Leaders of Learning ED3FRL Module
Representations of disability in drama and the arts ED3BRD Module
Research Approaches to Second Language Learning and Teaching EDM195 Module
Research Methods EDM163 Module
Research Methods in English Language Education EDM102 Module
Research Methods Part A and B EDM169 Module
School Experience 1 ED1SX1 Module
School Experience 2 ED2SX1 Module
School Experience 3 ED3SX1 Module
Second Language Teaching and Learning EDM084 Module
Second Language Teaching and Learning EDM167 Module
SENCO 1: Policies and Procedures EDM122 Module
SENCO 2: Overcoming Barriers to Learning EDM123 Module
SENCO 3: Learners with Difficulties and Disabilities EDM124 Module
SENCo portfolio EDM60 Module
Shared Practical Teaching ED2SPT Module
Shared Teaching (Primary) ED3PTSP Module
Shared Teaching (Secondary) ED3PTSS Module
Shared teaching PGPrimary ED3PGST Module
Society and Social Justice ED1BSJ Module
Special study ED3FDS Module
Student Enrichment Programme EDM192 Module
Study abroad (term) ED2BSA Module
Subject Knowledge Enhancement IED_SKE Programme
Subject Specialism 1 : Art and Practice in the 20th and 21st Centuries ED1SA1 Module
Subject Specialism 1 : Music ED1SM1 Module
Subject Specialism 1: English ED1SE1 Module
Subject Specialism 1: Mathematical reasoning ED1SS1 Module
Subject Specialism 2 : Modern and Contemporary Art and Art Practice ED2SA1 Module
Subject Specialism 2 : Music ED2SM1 Module
Subject Specialism 2: Mathematics - Exploring progression ED2SS1 Module
Subject Specialism 3 : Contemporary Art And Personal Practice ED3SA1 Module
Subject Specialism 3 : Music ED3SM1 Module
Subject Specialism 3: Mathematics- Inclusion, diversity and intervention ED3SS1 Module
Subject specialism: English ED2SE1 Module
Subject specialism: English ED3SE1 Module
Supporting development and learning for 0 - 11 years ED2FDL Module
Teaching and learning in healthcare EDM185 Module
Teaching Practical Sessions in Science and Physical Education ED1SP1 Module
Technology, Education and Society ED2BTE Module
The Arts, Children and Education 1 : Music ED1AC3 Module
The Arts, Children and Education 1: Art Education and the Role of the Subject Leader in Primary Art ED1AC1 Module
The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Concepts in Art Education ED2AC1 Module
The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Music ED2AC3 Module
The Arts, Children And Education 3 : Music ED3AC3 Module
The Arts, Children and Education 3: Contemporary Art and the primary curriculum ED3AC1 Module
The Arts, Children and Education: English ED2AC2 Module
The Arts, Children and Education: English ED1AC2 Module
The Arts, Children and Education: English ED3AC2 Module
The Child in Society 1 ED1FCS Module
The Child in Society 2 ED2FCS Module
The Creative Educator EDM198 Module
The Foundation Subjects in the Primary Curriculum ED2PF1 Module
The Primary Classroom: Education for Inclusion ED1EFI Module
The professional self and healthcare EDM186 Module
The Professional Self in Early Years Leadership EDM148 Module
The reflective teacher EDMPRT Module
Theories of development and learning ED1FDL Module
Theory in Education EDM179 Module
Understanding the theory and practice of mentoring ED3BMU Module
Values and Practices in Education EDM174 Module
Working with others in health care EDM187 Module

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